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The Power Of Direct Mirroring
Wendy L. Huntington and Cathy McNally

Reflect on the ways that we limit our full expression and creativity and assess the 'fit' of our preconceived beliefs about self esteem, body and self image. Explore our capacity for flexibility, as well as our propensity to become secure and comfortable with old, familiar stances that eventually contribute to rigidity of body, mind and spirit.

We yearn for and search for self-recognition through relationship with others. Early in life, we adopted messages (often inferred) from others as the 'truth' about ourselves and about our bodies. We are unaware that these reflections were often distortions of flawed mirroring. If these 'truths' remain unexamined, we live our life in reaction to others. In fact, the myth of the mirror impacts our relationship with our body and our current relationships with partners, children, friends, bosses, employees and co-workers. We perpetuate the pattern of giving, receiving, and believing distorted feedback.

This course provides an opportunity to explore and update the messages of both personal and 'purchased' mirrors. We explore the impact of these distortions in our lives and in the development of our personal values, our creativity, our willingness to risk change and to make choice. We will learn about direct, honest, personal mirroring and use this style of feedback as a practice ground for nurturing honest, intimate relationships.

A deeper understanding of this process is beneficial in relating, parenting, creating opportunities for health, making congruent decisions, and managing people, employees, co-workers and team members.


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