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Wendy Huntington, M.A., Dip.C., CDS III, is a family therapist specializing in addictions, group facilitator, and teacher. She has been working clinically with people in group settings and in private practice for many years. Whether working with children, adolescents or adults, she believes the greatest potential for growth, healing and self-knowledge occurs in group interaction. A lover of the creative arts, Wendy considers personal learning to be enhanced, enriched and enlivened through experiences in diverse media — stitchery, movement and dance, photography, and painting. Whether in textile arts, photography or painting, colour and form have been a passionate focus. Wendy both leads courses and assists leading many of the core programs at The Haven Institute.

Healing Stitches

Addictions: Choiceful Transformation

Effective Boundaries - Defining the Self

Come Alive

The Power of Direct Mirroring

3 sisters - Canmore
"The teacher doesn't teach, not really. The teacher offers stimulation and ways in which the person can educate himself or herself. At best the teacher wakes up that person and makes a person hungry."
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