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Come Alive

Anxiety, fear, depression, confusion and many kinds of life situations contribute towards energy blocks. These deaden creativity and the feeling of fullness, interfering with relationships to others, work and the self. This course is aimed at helping you release those blocks in order to be able to appreciate what it means to be more fully alive!

For people
- whose lives have become stale, dull or weary
- who have difficulty knowing their feelings
- whose lifestyle has contributed to ill health
- in need of better communication skills
- in life transitions, looking for new directions
- seeking enhancement of their sense of life meaning
- feeling 'burned out' in their work or relationships
- suffering from anxiety or depression
- desiring to better know themselves

The Format
The course will provide the opportunity for participants to choose from a wide variety of approaches towards their personal work. Some of these include group exercises and dialogue, psychodrama, gestalt, and body approaches. Communication skills will be taught and practiced. Implications of unhealthy lifestyle habits (eg. addictive practices) will be addressed.

Out of respect for each individual's need for privacy, each person will be able to reveal as little or as much of his/her private life as he/she desires. Each participant will determine the extent of his/her personal work or experiential education.


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"You know you're dancing when tears of pain and happiness blend in with your sweat"

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"When in doubt......dance!"

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