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Effective Boundaries - Defining the Self
Wendy L. Huntington and Cathy McNally

Course for people who: experience isolation and who feel trapped in roles, rules and obligations have experienced abuse and violence within the family or in relationship are not experiencing intimacy in relationship create symptoms as a substitute for clear boundaries, ie. allergies, back and neck pain, chronic fatigue, depression are overwhelmed by the complexity of life decisions.

Description: Most people who have lived through violence and violation superimpose survival patterns and the fear of assertive expression onto the present. Without the ability to clearly define boundaries, you may be restricted to a pattern of safety and control in life and have difficulty accessing personal creativity, energy or aliveness. This restriction is played out in prescribed roles within families, relationships and in jobs. To move beyond this victim pattern, it is necessary to discover, speak and stand behind thoughts, feelings and choices. This course offers both tools and practice in boundary work.

As you establish and speak your boundaries, you define your 'Self'. This course is about discerning living-saying "no", saying "yes"-making choices based upon current information with freedom and clarity.

Format: This three-day course will combine concepts and experiential learning about boundaries, their definition and their expression. Additionally, participants will familiarize themselves with the world of consequences and learn the skills necessary to establish useful consequences when an expressed boundary is not respected.

For those who internalize boundary conflicts into an illness pattern, opportunities will be offered to decipher the story expressed in the symptom. By the end of the course, participants will have the information necessary to recognize the differences between boundaries and walls and be able to express themselves and their boundaries effectively.


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