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Addictions: Choiceful Transformation
Designed By Wendy, Ernie McNally And Cathy McNally

Do you have a history of destructive addictive behaviors?
Are you in relationship with someone who does?
Are you wondering as you are reading this?
Do you view addictive behaviors as negative / bad?
Do you have trouble sorting the myths from the facts of addictions?
Is there an 'up-side' to the addictive process? We think so!

In fact, we think that to be a successful addict requires a number of skills and abilities. And that these same skills and abilities can also be an integral part of a full, rich and rewarding life.

The Course
Expand the horizon. Look at the judgments we have, and 'unhook the hooks'. Go beyond the assumption that the addictive personality is destructive. Consider that these same attributes can be con-structive — that it is all about choice. Identify the qualities and characteristics of the addictive process...

...and then explore the possibilities

The Format
In an interactive group environment we will examine our current relationship with addiction and the addictive process. We will identify the choice points for the old patterns and discuss the common links between all forms of addictive behaviour. Using a variety of experiential forms we will take a fresh look at the nature of addiction and the potential when we use this nature for positive, choiceful transformation.

If you have struggled with destructive addictive patterns, or cared about someone who has, join us for a three day journey. You may turn the unthinkable — that the qualities of the addictive process can make a positive contribution to life-choices — into reality.


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"If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing."

~ Zimbabwean Proverb ~






"After I stopped dancing, I was unable to listen to beautiful music."
~ Suzanne Farrell ~

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